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Mandy Moore looks to be bringing back the sexy

09.28.2016by: Droz

If you were like me and had nothing but love for Mandy Moore and all her fine qualities back in the day, you will no doubt have noticed how she's been kinda absent for the better part of a decade now. What happened to her is complicated. It seems to be a combination of relationship issues and a general desire to escape the limelight. But now that her relationship problems are over and she's come to the realization that money is a thing one needs to get along in this world, we're seeing a return of Mandy to the public stage. Part of that process for her and many others is making sexy in magazines and whatnot, which Mandy is once again doing with this new edition of Rhapsody magazine and a few recent red carpet appearances. Sadly we'll never know what kind of hotness she may have delivered unto us during that lost decade, but it looks like present day Mandy isn't done with being hot just yet. Good for her. I always hate to see a hottie fail to realize their full potential.


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