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Malin Akerman looks like a billion bucks in Watch magazine

02.10.2017by: Cherry Liquor
Here's a magazine that is doing a photoshoot right. While I understand that Watch magazine is one of those that shills for CBS and isn't really something that you'd rush out and buy, what they did manage to do was feature an attractive actress, namely the sorely underappreciated Malin Akerman, and not only make her look gorgeous with appropriate lighting, styling and makeup but also not make her cater to some cheesecake ideal like in men's magazines or some pouty, emotionless, overly stylized vision of unhappy like they do in women's fashion magazines. I had someone ask me why I didn't feature Malin in the Marry/Date/Friend this week that was centered around beautiful actresses who can't act. I had to wonder what the hell they'd seen of hers that made them think that way. You can't judge an actor's talent on comedy remakes with Ben Stiller or middle-aged rom-coms with Vince Vaughn. Those are paying the bills rolls. Her ability to be goofy while topless (ala HAROLD & KUMAR) and then do a tough-as-nails bitch character like Lara Axelrod in Billions shows she has range. (Don't get me started on how much I liked THE FINAL GIRLS.) I think it's Hollywood that doesn't know what to do with her, not her not knowing how to navigate Hollywood.
Source: Saw First


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