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Malin Ackerman is a beauty fit for a Billionaire

01.22.2016by: No Cool Handle

I unfairly ignore Malin Ackerman. Not because I don't think she's fine; you can look at these photos of her attending ELLE's 6th Annual Women in Television celebration, wearing that silky number, and tell she's sexy. I particularly dig the tattoo between her shoulder blades, and, her blindingly bright, blonde hair - all that shit works. We even know she looks great naked because of her willingness to be exploited for the sake of her art. No, it's because I attribute her limited range with ruining stories I have much interest in; her scenes with Patrick Wilson in Watchmen being the most enraging example. Now, there's Showtime's new series 'Billions'. Even though she wasn't the only underwhelming aspect of the pilot episode, she was stiffer than ever; causing my attention to wane every time the show focused on her. That aside, she's totally hot enough to play a Billionaire's trophy wife. Her gorgeous face, unsupported chest and silk covered ass are a luxury only a rich ginger can afford. Maybe the show, and her acting abilities, will improve by mid-season.

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