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Make America pokie again! Charlotte McKinney does Labor Day shopping braless

09.06.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I can't understand a number of America's obsessions but when it comes to ogling bra-free breasts, I am right on board. And of course, the nicest of the nicest pokies out there in the world right now belong to Charlotte McKinney, who was spotted doing a little Labor Day shopping in a tight tank top and white shorts (seeing as it was her last day to wear them), the sun glowing through the space stretched out by her famously full bosom, and the weather cooling down just enough to turn on her high beams. And for those brave enough to think they might have a shot with the leggy bikini model, you might just get that chance, should you bump into her. Charlotte recently confirmed that she has broken up with boyfriend Stephen Dorff. The two were so infrequently spotted together that I was beginning to believe that she was simply his beard. I've always wondered about that man's boastful swaggering. Seemed too forced to be 100% real.
Source: Daily Mail


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