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Major cutie Briana Evigan at Draft Day premiere makes this a good day

04.09.2014by: ResidentRiddle64

I'm really glad I stumbled onto these pictures this morning. No, you don't understand. Ever since I was a wee lad, I've had a pretty good concept of what was a crappy movie and what was a good movie, just based on the trailer (I'd like to think, but don't' we all?). Anyway, seeing the STEP UP 2: THE STREETS trailer made me angry. I was upset at how bad it was that I threw up my popcorn half way into the trailer and said in my little kid voice, "F*ck this noise!" and walked out. Right before I left, I was immediately stopped by seeing hottie Briana Evigan. 

Yeah. The one in the middle. I fell harder for that hottie just in a trailer than any other chick to come across my path since then. As much as I loved her from the minute and a half that I saw her on screen, I never managed to remember to look for her or see any movie she was in…but that changes today! As fate would have it, I have found these pictures and her name. Now, all I have to do is somehow find out this gal's address, where she goes on weekday mornings, what her shoe size is, you know. All the regular stuff. 

Here she is looking adorable as all hell at the DRAFT DAY premiere. Is she in the film? Well…not according to any major website…but if there's a chance, I may be willing to go see a two hour commercial about the NFL. That sounds awesome, right? Yeah, probably not.. But, Briana Evigan! Ahh! 


Source: Celeb Mafia


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