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Maitland Ward looks really damn good in green

10.25.2016by: Cherry Liquor
There is a lot of turmoil and unhappiness in the world in general, not to mention the day-to-day bullshit all of us have to put up with, so it's amazing to have someone like Maitland Ward bringing a smile to so many faces with her simple, straight-forward, uplifting display of cleavage, nipple, butt crack and more. For those of you not following her on SnapChat, you might want to give it a whirl, if only because she frequently pops out a pink puppy nose to surprise and delight since those nice people over at that app don't seem to give a flying f*ck about blatant nudity. I've collected a bunch of the most recent images Maitland has graced us with, including a few different green tops that complement her gorgeous red hair and creamy pale skin. I've been looking forward to seeing what Ward is going to think up for Halloween this year, since she's so much fun when it comes to the holidays, although I love that she also dresses up for us all year long. What a great world for a boy to meet these days.
Source: Daily Star


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