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Maitland Ward is back to her cleavage filled shenanigans for Mel Magazine

10.06.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Forget about the fact that we get to frequently check out Maitland Ward flashing her goodies and instead consider that she's 39-years old. No, I'm not mentioning that so that the high-and-mighty can start decreeing that she's too old to be flaunting her stuff but rather, damn... she's 39-years old. It's hard to fully process that it's been that long since she was a youngin' on Boy Meets World or that for the past 3 years (yes, while the article about her for MEL Magazine does comment that she's been at this since 2013, I've also kept track of these shoots by posting about them since that time) she really hasn't aged a bit. Her weight has fluctuated, which only helped her out in the boob & butt arena, but so far everything is looking fairly dewy fresh for someone who will be turning 40 in February. No matter what the negative people might have to say, I think Maitland looks awesome and her friendliness with those she interacts with on social media can't all be an act. The boobs might be fake but she certainly isn't.


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