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Maitland Ward gets herself all ready for Autumn

09.22.2016by: Droz

You might have noticed a theme in today's late afternoon posts. That theme, of course, is hotties showing off their boobs. One of the most notorious ones for that sort of thing is Maitland Ward, seen here in one of her new photo sets in celebration of Autumn's arrival. Maitland enjoys marking special events by showing off her boobs in various themed ensembles. Soon she'll have a Halloween boob spread and then a Christmas boob spread, maybe a few more boob spreads in between to mark something or another happening. In reality she just likes to show her boobs, to a point anyway. She always stops just short of letting them nipples out entirely in sets like these. Fortunately, Maitland is on Snapchat and seems much more open to do NSFW nipple peaks on there. Some give her shit for being a one trick pony with this kind of thing. Me, I'm just happy to let her do her thing. If she wants to bring her boobs out all the time, who am I to criticize? Maitland, you go ahead and be you. I'm gonna be me.

Source: Superior Pics


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