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Maitland Ward gave us plenty of reasons to celebrate kissing gingers this week

01.13.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I know, I know, my Maitland Ward obsession chafes some of you the wrong way. I have put your complaints into consideration and decided to ignore them simply because Maitland is hot, she's charming and she's willing to show off her sensuous body with a regularity that should make even the most curmudgeony of you smile. Yesterday, January 12th, was International Kiss a Ginger Day, which we missed over here at Hotties but Maitland managed to make up for, participating in a hot Snapchat photo session with Elle Alexandra, a nearly as hot ginger known for her girl-on-girl action in a variety of porn clips you can google at your leisure. Ward also posted images from a new photo session in a yellow dress, a workout shot and a great headshot for Fiery Friday on her Twitter. I simply can't get over my addiction to this lovely lady if she keeps feeding me all this good stuff.

Source: Twitter


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