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Maitland Ward does her part to keep the force strong in all of us

05.07.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I have to wonder, at times like these, whatever happened to Adrianne Curry, our former go-to gal when it came to random skin-filled photoshoots around all of the geeky holidays, festivals and conventions. I don't wonder for long because as odd as it may seem to the haters out there, I prefer Maitland Ward. It was a quiet May the Fourth that passed just a couple of days ago, with little showing off from the C-list celebs who normally put on their gold bikinis, with Ward being one of the few to keep up the tradition of remembering Leia for the only time she wore something that didn't cover every inch below the neckline. These pics were taken at Gentle Giant Studios, where Ward cuddled up to Jabba and Yoda (as well as Sully from MONSTERS INC, but I thought that distracted from our main event, so I haven't included them here) and did what she does best - made sexy faces at the camera while barely covering her hokey religions and ancient weapons. Her force is strong and your blasters are weak in its wake, admit it.
Source: Egotastic


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