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Maitland Ward does her best Anastasia Steele impression

02.18.2015by: Cherry Liquor
You know, if you ever find yourself over at her Instagram page, you might actually get a bit charmed by Maitland Ward. Somewhat of an attention whore in the vein of Heidi Montag, Maitland doesn't have the desperation stink to her like Heidi (and she's certainly a lot prettier, once all of the maths are done in that equation). And unlike other internet social networking "celebs" like Adrianne Curry, Ward's page is free of drama and whiny rants or claims of how her fans are abusive of her. She simply takes pictures and shares them, both with and without clothing on. I know I should probably be all bitter and nasty but there's none of the better-than-the-rest-of-humanity aura that any direct or satellite member of the Kardashians going on, which I personally find more repulsive. Sure, it would be nice if Maitland secured some more acting work and gave me a reason of more substance to be posting about her, but I honestly can think of a ton of people worse who wouldn't deserve the attention. Even if she is doing a FIFTY SHADES OF GREY inspired shoot.
Source: Mirror


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