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Maitland Ward decks the boobs with Xmas lights

12.27.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Just when I was whining last week that we hadn't heard from Maitland Ward and her lovely bundles of breastful joy, she pops up with some new pics, complete with Xmas lights strung around her chest. This isn't as complete of a photoshoot that we've come to love from the sexiest ginger on SnapChat but some is better than none and I've included a few of her more recent chats that have her showing off the goods as she is known to do. I understand that there are a few of you out there who don't appreciate Maitland as much as I do and I can respect that. She hasn't acted in any movies or TV in quite some time (some have suggested that she's the only cast member from the original Boy Meets World who hasn't been invited to reprise her role on Girl Meets World but I've watched that show and it has none of the special sparkle that made the original tolerable, so who cares?) but she's fun. And with all of the shitty stuff going down in 2016, I'm all for fun.
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