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Maitland Ward continues to blatantly court the geek contingent

06.02.2014by: Droz

I suppose if you're a woman in your late 30s who's goal is to make a bunch of costumed geeks 20 years your junior pay attention to what you're doing, one could do worse than to show up at a comic convention sporting not one, but two of sci-fi's most iconic boner-producing outfits. That's what Maitland Ward was up to at the Long Beach Comic Expo this weekend, switching it up between Leeloo Dallas Multipass from THE FIFTH ELEMENT and Slave Leia from ROTJ. My position on the whole cosplay thing might elicit some ire from the dress up advocates, but I find myself mostly apathetic to the whole thing, if not annoyed. I can appreciate the hotties who spend enormous amounts of time crafting costumes that make them look like their favorite scantily clad comic book, anime or video game character. Not as much love for the bloated, hairy guy who does the same.

Unfortunately those two variations on the Con attendee tend to intermingle at most any event of this type. For every 3 or 4 hotties like Maitland, hanging her tits from a metal bra, there's at least one or two dudes wearing Lycra who should never, ever do that. That's one of the many reasons I no longer bother with these events. Nowadays I'm content to peruse the selection of photos of said events posted after the fact by those braver than me, who foraged through way too much fat guy man chicken to bring us the good stuff. Anyway, kudos to Maitland for being one of the few ladies of soccer mom age who can still pull off both these outfits. That's a heartening thing.


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