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Maika Monroe shows more skin than usual at the Hot Summer Nights premiere

03.14.2017by: No Cool Handle

Is Maika Monroe suffering from a severe case of narcolepsy? I really wanted to enjoy all of the awesome boobage on display – especially since the beautiful scream queen hardly shows of her best bits when making public appearances – but the distracting half-baked look on her face kept me from being able to do so ... for a minute, anyway. It looks like Maika slept walked (that's an interesting grammatical conundrum) to the premiere of HOT SUMMER NIGHTS only to wake up halfway through her red carpet walk, confused as to how she got there. If the title of her new movie was LONG SUMMER NIGHTS, then I'd understand because it looks as though Maika has been burning the candle at both ends. Check out the first pick: that's a very same look I have on my face when I'm scared out of a deep sleep. I hate being distracted, especially when the top of that dress accentuates her shape so well you would think it was painted on. She just needs to spend a few of those hot summer nights getting some rest.

Source: NS4W


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