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Maika Monroe offers up healthy body images for Women's Health magazine

07.15.2016by: No Cool Handle

You would've thought with the release of INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE, part of the marketing strategy would've been flooding as many celebrity magazines as possible with an ace hottie like Maika Monroe. There was some controversy back when the movie was still in pre production over the director's decision to cast Maika in place of the girl (Mae Whitman) who originally played President Lone Star's (Bill Pullman) daughter. Why fight to put her in the role if you're not going to capitalize on her undeniable allure, even in the most obvious of ways. At least the swell folks at Women's Health Magazine had the good sense to photograph the scarcely featured blonde in a bikini, and, of course, the results are as mesmerizing as one would expect. You need only glance at a single image to tell she's remained dedicated to keeping herself fit as f**k.

Source: Women's Health


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