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Maika Monroe & Hunter King are a pleasing pair for Resurgence premiere

06.21.2016by: No Cool Handle

Two searing hot Blondes, both alike in dignity, at the INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE premiere, where we lay our scene. From primordial urges break to new fantasy, where wondering thoughts make wondering hands unclean. For the blazing loins of you, the dear readers; a pair of eye popping hotties invigorate your life. Sorry, but how can you not wax poetic when looking at these two majesties of the red carpet help promote a summer blockbuster - something unworthy of their blessed grace - using every bit of allure they can muster? Finally, the beautiful Maika Monroe throws some skin in the game; her reserved ways have been ever in conflict with my own personal agenda. And our lady of the cleavage, Hunter King, made an equally showy effort. I can't imagine what it would be like to stand within fragrance scented range of them and still be able to stand up without - through no fault of my own - stretching trou. What would no don't be unfairly misconstrued as an indication of my perverted tendencies towards these ethereal beings would be, in all actuality, yet another symbol of my undying love and admiration. I would gladly fall on my own sword for the both of them.

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