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Maia Mitchell knows you're going to watch Teen Beach 2 just for her tasty self

06.23.2015by: Cherry Liquor
The last time we saw Aussie cutie Maia Mitchell on this site, we all bemoaned the stupid septum piercing she had on at the MTV Movie Awards. Since she's promoting the latest Disney Channel TV movie that she's in, Maia seems to have spiffed up her act for this red carpet, wearing a more conservative ensemble that shows just the right amount of tummy for a House of Mouse event. With the cleaner appearance, Mitchell looks all the more like a teen but this titan is 21-years old and a great example of The Macchio Effect. I say stay as young looking for as long as possible if you want a career in entertainment with any longevity. Maia is also a regular on that other family friendly channel, ABC Family, where she's a lead star on "The Fosters." But don't worry about her losing her Aussie accent, Mitchell claims her mother has threatened to disown her if she becomes any more Americanized.
Source: Just Jared Jr


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