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Maia Mitchell knows what your dirty mind is thinking

06.13.2016by: Droz

I've been posting pics of Aussie hottie Maia Mitchell here for years now. So you'd think it would be second nature at this point to fully grasp how she is in fact not a 14-year-old girl, as her appearance would suggest, but rather a fully legal 22-year-old woman. You'd think such would be the case. Unfortunately, I still find myself going to Google to confirm her age before I post anything with her. Ugh, they just keep getting younger and younger looking. In olden days you had 12-year-olds running around chewing on cheap cigars with deep furrows in their brows which were frequently caked with coal mine soot. They aged fast in those days. Now people turn 13 and just stay there for decades. Is this some sort of evolutionary mutation or something? The possible first step in homo sapien immortality? Wow, I hope not. The thought of Justin Bieber living forever fills me with a terrible, awful dread of the future I'm simply not prepared to deal with right now.

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