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Maia Mitchell could have literally disrobed at the Rogue One premiere

12.12.2016by: Droz

It kind of bugs me there are people out there right now who know the whole story with ROGUE ONE and can speak to its value or lack thereof. I don't like the risks of being out of the loop there. I've already dodged a few spoilers from those who attended this weekend's big premiere, which might be most of the problem where movies like this are concerned. It's the damn spoilers. They nearly ruined THE FORCE AWAKENS big shocker for me last year around this time. Now I feel like I almost have to avoid the internet entirely until Thursday night arrives.

But never mind that. Let's focus on Maia Mitchell, who made an odd choice in what appears to be bathrobe for her attire at the ROGUE ONE premiere. I'm not sure what the thinking was on that. Maybe she was late and had to book it. Or it could just be an extreme form of keeping it casual. Whatever the case, girl still looked amazing in her silken robes. I'm especially drawn to her sweet face, which is good because she comes across exceptionally well there in these pics. Girl is just adorable. Maia fans shouldn't miss the rest of her though, which has been making itself seen a bit more lately. Girl is good from top to bottom, that's for sure.

Source: NSFW


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