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Maia Mitchell always looks like an excellent choice

08.03.2016by: Droz

Adorable Aussie cutie Maia Mitchell was on hand for the exciting Teen Choice Awards this weekend, basking in the rewards that come with being the sweetest of the sweet. She does seem to stand out for me among the throngs of similarly adorable sweethearts. I'm not sure why this is. If you peruse the crop of early 20-somethings in entertainment, you'll find a lot of Maia doppelgangers running around. It would seem the petite, brunette, baby face who still looks hot in a tight dress, is the must have look for young up and comers in 2016. I often find myself at odds with the trends coming out of Tinseltown, but on that one I have to agree. Those prerequisites to hotness do seem to produce some extraordinarily fine women. Maia is still my favorite of them all. At least I think she is. I might be forgetting about a clone or two somewhere. I should probably make a list of them and make sure.

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