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Magazine: Kim Kardashian is silver & nude for W

10.12.2010by: Cherry Liquor
Wow. Well... um... While I do believe that there was a degree of Photoshop involved in this arty layout for the November 2010 issue of W magazine, I still have to say that I'm pretty f*cking impressed with how Kim Kardashian's body looks here. Of course, I'm a tad flummoxed over the fact that not too long ago she was whining that she regretted having done the Playboy spread some years back and now she's more nude in this magazine for more legitimate exposure, I suppose. She might just be an Armenian Barbie doll come to life, yet... she's a damn fine looking train wreck. I tally up all of the reality show people from recent years and I mostly find myself shrugging my shoulders and wondering why so many other people have watched their shows and made them famous. I look at Kim and at least have a good idea how she got that way.

Source: DListed


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