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Madison Riley offers up some perspective on nudity in her latest spread

04.07.2016by: No Cool Handle

Do you remember Madison Riley(?) – she was Jamie Chung's super hot best friend or Roy Schneider's wife or something in Grown Ups. I know, who remembers anything from Grown Ups; the point is she's naked... really naked. Yup, she bares it all for notorious topless photographer T.J. Huff in a shoot titled 'Nudity Shouldn't Be Scary.' I'll spare you any long passages about how freaking awesome these photos are so you can spend plenty of quality time with them, but - was anyone out there actually fearful of Madison's natural form? You'd have to travel deep into the heart of the Bible Belt to find that human anomaly. While I agree with that particular point of view the word scary would have never come to mind, even if I saw these photos for the first time a million times over.

Source: NSFWFull Frontal


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