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Madison Reed is made of the same beautiful as sister Victoria Justice

05.04.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Well now. Looks as if Victoria Justice has some hottie competition in the form of her little sister Madison Reed. That's right, there's two of these girls. Madison turns 19-years old later this month, making her the littler sister and while her bone structure is now pronounced that Victoria's (perhaps because the siblings don't share the same father), the important parts have all been duplicated here. For a shoot with Made in Beautiful, a photographer out of Southern California, we get a chance to ogle the younger Justice (although she's not technically a Justice) in bikinis and other skin-baring outfits, enough for us to get a good bead on the quality output of their maternal DNA contributor. Now I want to see Mama Justice in a spread of her own, since I figure the source material has to be pretty impressive considering these sequels.
Source: HawtCelebs


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