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Madison Beer shows us what we'll be enjoying for the rest of her adult life

03.07.2017by: No Cool Handle

We have a fresh-faced hottie to introduce today. Madison Beer is a newly minted, bona fide adult and has been for two days passed. In this slightly belated introduction, we find our new object of affection celebrating her first official day as an grown-up in Paris, donning what can only be considered a "big girl" dress; complete with a low-cut neckline, plenty of leg showing and the aid of a push-up bra. This lovely lass first gained notoriety for her youthful beauty and vocal stylings, brought to many people's attention after Beiber tweeted a video of her singing. Also, an aspiring actress, Madison Beer shows all the characteristics of your typical, ambitious up-and-comer. Yeah, she's cute as hell but she has to compete with an entire throng of attention-seeking youth. She needs to be as quick to show some skills as she is to flaunt that shapely figure. Unless her aspirations are limited to being a social media babe, talent counts. Let's see what you got, kid! Your relevancy depends on it.

Source: Got Celeb


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