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Madeline Zima's little blue sweater dress was see-through in all the right places

03.31.2016by: Cherry Liquor
While everyone was going crazy over some of the cast of "The Nanny" reuniting at a birthday party last weekend, it seems that the little girl from the show, the now grown-up and super-fine Madeline Zima was hanging out at a gala for the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability... wow, that's just too much. The green people need to come up with some more friendly acronyms so that they can peddle like the PETA people. Zima of course is also know from her time playing David Duchovny's teenage hookup on "Californication," as well as some minor shows, including "Betas," from Amazon Prime. Which only reminds me that I really need to check into some of those Prime shows and make the most of my membership. Just like Madeline is making the most out of her tight blue sweater dress that we all which she would have chosen to go braless in.
Source: Celebrity Hive


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