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Madelaine Petsch is here to fulfill all your super hot redhead needs

03.10.2017by: Droz

I've been waiting for someone to give Madelaine Petsch a halfway decent photo spread. Fortunately Bello magazine has fulfilled my demand for a spread highlighting the burning desire I hold for redheads of Madelaine's caliber. If you don't know Madelaine, she stars in the CW show Riverdale, which explores the darker sides of the Archie and His Friends comic. I'm not sure why such a thing needed to happen, but never mind because it has brought to our attention the brilliance of Madelaine and her fiery locks. It's not every day you see women of this breeding, with the almost impossibly red hair and the super pale skin. It was hotties like her that got me all aflutter about the redheads as a young lad. And it's still such women who drive me insane with desire today. Bless the ladies like Madelaine and all their natural gifts. I'll never get tired of gazing upon them.

Madelaine Petsch redhead beautyMadelaine Petsch redhead beauty

Source: Bello


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