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Madelaine Petsch and her redhead hotness legged it to the MTV Movie Awards

05.08.2017by: Droz

My new dream girl, Madelaine Petsch, is spreading the word on her greatness by making appearances at all the high profile events she can get into. It's a strategy I think is starting to pay off for her. I'm not the only one who has developed a real fiery passion for the Riverdale star to match her flame like locks. Check her out at the MTV Movie & TV Awards this weekend and tell me this isn't the woman of your redhead dreams. She makes me feel good for a lot of reasons, but one that's especially poignant to me at this point is the integrity of her look. Lately we've seen a lot of great fake redheads washing that Clairol out of their hair. That makes me sad. Madelaine can't do that though. She gets by a glorious gift of nature what so many others have to fake. Yeah, I guess she could at some point do something really stupid, like dyeing her hair blonde or some other travesty. Seems like she has too much respect for her appearance to do something like that. At least I hope she does.

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