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Lucy Pinder is your sweet & stacked 2017 calendar girl

08.08.2016by: Cherry Liquor
While I'm still thinking about Photoshop, which Britney might not have employed to make her waistline appear smaller but has clearly been used to the extreme with British glamour model, Lucy Pinder in this shoot for her 2017 calendar. I've always thought that Pinder was one of the more natural beauties to pop off from the League of Page Six girls, with her big brown eyes and plush sweater puppies. With this set of pics, she's looking far more like the other plastic women, moving us far away from the casual loveliness that these models tended to have, employed mainly because they had overly large but still natural breasts. Lucy's own pair has gone up and down in size over the years due to weight gain/loss, although her tart sense of humour seems to have remained intact - she wrote a column called The Truth About Women for Nuts magazine that was often more clever than you would imagine from a glamour model (aka, what the Brits call chicks who pose with their tits out, far more tasteful than what us Yanks might come up with). A few of these pictures hardly even look like Pinder, with their heavy saturation and odd poses. I mean, it's still good, but kinda like a burnt pizza. Not quite as good as it could be but entirely edible all the same.
Source: Saw First


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