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Lucy Mecklenburgh wears a white hot bikini in Dubai

05.11.2016by: Droz

Here's one of the hotties who makes bikini season the joy it is every year. You can always count on English babe Lucy Mecklenburgh to make magic happen in the best of beachwear when she takes one of her frequent trips to Dubai. I appreciate the imagery of her tight as hell bod doing its thing in a bikini, but I still don't understand how Lucy is able to wade into shallow waters in next to nothing, but any woman taking a walk down a street there better keep herself covered. Does Islam make an exception for the whole covered up women thing for beaches? Some provision whereby one may totally flaunt their hot ass, as long as you're doing so in the water or on a sandy beach? More likely the hotels simply give high rollers an exemption which lets them do whatever the hell they want in certain designated areas. If so, I can see why Lucy keeps going there now.

Source: Kayuty


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