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Lucy Mecklenburgh shows off her best side while paddleboarding

09.18.2015by: Droz

I have no reservations about declaring my love for Lucy Mecklenburgh. Sure, I know next to nothing about her as a person, nor am I in any familiar with her skills as an actress or whatever show she happens to be on or anything like that. That's all happening the UK, which is far removed from my existence. That ignorance is actually a plus, for it makes it easier for me to think nothing but good thoughts about the quality of a woman who knowingly bends over and shows her full, ripe, round ass to the world without any reservation at all, like she and her friends are doing in these pics. No pretenses or lurid shots from impossible angles by creepy paps here. Just a woman who knows she's a full on hottie and lives the life that knowledge affords her to its fullest. I suppose underneath all the hot bathing suits and hotter body there could be a total bitch and a thoroughly awful person. That still doesn't matter to me, for I'm fully capable of loving her for that body alone. There's not a bad thing I can say about it. A woman with a figure like that can't be completely bad.



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