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Lucy Mecklenburgh managed to wear some clothes, but only for a minute

04.29.2015by: Droz

If you recall any of our posts concerning the exploits of British hottie Lucy Mecklenburgh, then you'll know that the girl seemingly gets off the plane in Dubai, her favorite vacation destination, wearing some kind of sexy bikini. Such moments have essentially become her trademark, at least where this site is concerned. Such consistency of action made it somewhat surprising to see her strutting down one of those fake beaches they've constructed out of desert sand and oil cash, dressed in something that could conceivably be see on a person not actively involved in beach activities. Though as the gallery below indicates, Lucy couldn't keep out of the beach wear for long. None of this is a bad thing, btw. No matter if she goes braless in a barely concealing dress or throws on a bikini to show off those great hips and spankable ass, I'm down for it all. Girl is scorching.

Source: Hawt Celebs


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