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Lucy Mecklenburgh does her best work when hanging out by pools

08.18.2016by: Droz

I can't say for sure if Lucy Mecklenburgh is at her best when she's in something sexy and wet. Having no experience at all with her main claim to fame as a UK TV actress and celebrity in general makes such things a bit cheeky of me to say, using their vernacular. It's a safe bet though. I find those ladies who have made their mark over there as sex symbols usually have little compunction about priming that particular pump at will. It should also be noted how Lucy has the clearest, most perfectly framed fake candids in the business. This is just one more clue about how her incredible body leads the way where her fame goes. Far be it from me to raise a stink about Lucy's efforts here - efforts clearly paying off, as you can see. Besides, everyone's window of youthful sex appeal is short and at constant risk. It's only right those who have such gifts in abundance should make use of it as often as possible, if only to give us Quasimodos something to appreciate.

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