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Lucy Hale gets seriously dark & sexy for V magazine

08.12.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Who would have thought that adorable little Lucy Hale would have room in her petite body for all this sexy she's been putting out lately? Just last week she was blowing minds simply by walking down the street in a pair of lacy shorts that showed off her shapely legs. That's it. No tricks, no gimmicks, no needless flashing of breasts and we were all a bit out of breath. Now she's taken to V magazine (known for a neon Rihanna and JLo pube shots) to show that she's not some innocent teenager, she's a sexy grown woman who happens to play a teenager on TV. The spread was done by photographer James Lee Wall, a man I know little about other than guessing he wants to get into the pervy game ala Terry Richardson based on the behind-the-scenes shots he got of Hale. I'm sure she's faking being uncomfortable when he kisses up on her (she says in the accompanying interview that he's her trainer's husband), although I do like that pretty image of her wearing glasses. Hale also comments that she's going to be fully done with "Pretty Little Liars" this upcoming October, so it's time to move on to new and exciting things. Let's hope that future includes more sexy little peeks of her cute butt cheeks.  


Source: V Magazine


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