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Lucy Collett busts out of the Zoo

02.04.2015by: Droz

Zoo magazine, one of the UK's last publications exclusively dedicated to images of women of the larger breasted variety, has got the ample Lucy Collett in their latest issue, demonstrating her perfect everything. Looking at Lucy, all sexy and barely covered, makes it rather bewildering how pervasive the movement against big tits like Lucy's is in the UK right now. You might have seen The Sun's Page 3, which has been showing off hotties with big tits for 44 years, briefly give in to this pressure to ban big titty publications by seemingly removing their traditional Page 3 content from their paper, only to bring back the boobs a few days later after claiming it was all a joke.

These anti-titty groups have slogans and Twitter feeds and every kind of thing you'd expect from someone with a legitimate cause other than the bizarre crusade against women with big racks. Hell, they even got guys standing up there with their "No More Page Three" and "Take Down Page Three" propaganda posters.

Really, guys? You don't like those giant tits, huh? Riiiiight.

I don't see the problem here. No one is titty twisting these women into going topless every week. They obviously enjoy what they do, as do the people who pay to see the spreads they pose for. Just like any media out there, if you don't like it you're entirely free to not buy or look at it. However, it seems like some kind of radical feminist agenda wants to presuppose that any and all girls who bring out their tits for anything other than making statements at political rallies must be a victim of the evil patriarchal agenda. What a load of shit. All we want to do is look at some tits. Humans have been doing that for hundreds of thousands of years. This kind of half-assed political action committee will never change that, no matter how many angry women or guilty boyfriends they put on their stupid posters.

If they really wanted to stand up for women, they would direct their efforts into problems that actually exist, like wage gaps or sex slavery. But I guess it's easier to point fingers at the boobies. Pathetic.

UPDATE: And, in other ironic news...

Source: Zoo


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