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Love magazine gets you in the Valentine spirit with hotties such as Rita Ora & more

02.09.2016by: Cherry Liquor

Whether it's Gigi Hadid lifting her top to tease us with impending boob flauntage, her sister Bella Hadid lounging seductively across the hood of a car or breathtaking German beauty Jasmine Sanders slaying you with her eyes, Love Magazine knows exactly what they're doing with this little series of single shots. For the month of February, those of us out there who are alone and inclined to enjoy the ladyfolk will have a variety of different shots from Love, including a far more demure shot of Rita Ora who did her own gift giving with that nude spread for Lui at the tail end of last month.

For those who like their ladies with a little Kardashian in them, Kendall Jenner has 2 shots on display over at Love, although the one of her in the pink wig looks more like little sister Kylie. The shot of Selena Gomez is cute but a little too reminiscent of that creepy photoshoot she did with V magazine. I kinda love (har har) what Love is doing here, although I'm a greedy bastard who wants more than just one or two poses.

Oh, and something less matronly for Adriana Lima to wear.


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