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Love Advent celebrates Dec. 8th with some Emily Ratajkowski underboob

12.08.2016by: No Cool Handle

People on the Internet can't help but discuss the precarious position Emily Ratajkowski has put herself in. With every photo shoot she's featured in, the relevant fact [that] the results are underwhelming when compared to what she releases on social media – or what's seen during a moment of topless beachside candor – is difficult to ignore. Behind door number eight of LOVE Magazines' sexy  Advent calendar, we find Emily showing off her underboob. Such a gesture (one deserving of appreciation) is overshadowed by the thought: we could be looking at full on views of those beautiful bags anywhere else on the Internet – relegating this otherwise respectable bit of exploitation to nothing more than a tease, not something that will ever be remembered as one of her greatest hits. Shouldn't that always be the goal of a newly minted set of photos; to outdo what's been done before? Still, these are Emily Ratajkowski's tits we're talking about. Even a partial amount is worth a moment of your time.

Source: Love Magazine


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