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Los Angeles is ruining Sophie Turner

08.23.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Thanks a lot, Los Angeles. You seem to have completely obliterated the Sansa Stark version of Sophie Turner. Gone are those soft curves, replaced by the too-skinny limbs of most boring cookie-cutter Hollywood starlets. Gone is that natural, brilliant red hair of hers, replaced with a bleached blonde dried out mess for the role of Josie in next year's HUNTSVILLE. She's even shopping and chatting on her cell phone like a standard Hilton/Kardoucheian knock-off! While I have talked to people who actually love that she's sporting a bunch of fake tattoos for the role, way to make her a stereotypical Angelino, with too much ink comprised of trite designs. I surely hope this is a passing phase meant only for the role because while she might still be hot, it's not in that singular, unique, standout way she previously was. We don't need another tatted up borderline anorexic. We need more badass Sansas.
Source: Daily Mail


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