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Looks like Kelly Rohrbach is out playing the field again

01.13.2016by: No Cool Handle

Crazy hot model, Kelly Rohrbach, can now add her name to the long list of Leonardo DiCaprio leavins'. That's right lads, in case some of you were waiting for this day to make your move and land one of the sexiest blondes out there, now's your chance. DiCaprio is moving on to his next inhumanly hot conquest, leaving a window of opportunity for all of us to make our fantasies come true. For the diabolical ones out there, seeking to create the illusion of a chance meeting, it would seem she frequents an establishment called Chateau Marmont. She showed up to this place looking all kinds of holy shit hot. From the unsupported chest to the long slender legs covered in silk, which subsequently may cause a sudden compulsion to drop trou. My advice: observe this photo set when no one else is around. What a stunner!

Source: daily mailgot celeb


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