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Looks like it's time to add Kylie Jenner to your guilty pleasures spank bank

08.13.2015by: Droz you hear that? That maniacal giggling coming from some far off place? I think I know what that is. That's the sound of Kris Jenner laughing with glee at the sight of her youngest daughter, Kylie Jenner, doing the bikini beach pics thing and thus securing a further decade of public interest in the insane exploits of her family. It's a necessary step for them, what with Kim in a mad rush to squeeze out as many child support payments as possible before Kanye looks to trade up. Who even knows what the other two sisters are doing now? Yep, the freshly come of age not Kardashian and her sister Kendall will soon hold all of this f*cked up family's hopes for further exploitation of humanity's penchant for mediocrity.

Kylie just became legally on the market for whatever horny, tattooed rapper is willing to fork over the cash necessary to have at her generous family ass meat. And boy, are they ready to pony up. Her current supposed boyfriend Tyga bought her a Ferrari for her birthday, no doubt as a means of securing dat ass for just a little longer amid the mad onrush of dudes desperate to break off a slice of Kylie. I expect that to earn him about a month or so before the next obscure rap star in line takes his place. Yep, it's thoroughly uninspiring story that just seems to keep repeating in this family. But like with her big sis once upon a time, I'm not so cravenly anti-Kardashian as to be totally blind to Kylie's assets. Girl is freaking hot. That's just a fact. I'd hit that all week long and 10 times on Sunday.


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