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Lohan Is Nude!

02.18.2008by: Seth Gecko

I swear that I'm currently trapped in some parallel dimension because I have no idea how this could have happened. For many years now, fans of Lindsay Lohan (I'm not really one of them) have been begging for nude shots or a nude scene of her but she has never obliged. However, mark this day gents as Lindsay has done the unthinkable and has gone COMPLETELY NUDE for the latest issue "New York Magazine". When I say nude, I'm not talking about a bit of ass crack, I'm talking full-on boob shots with complete nips. How the hell hasn't this made huge news yet is beyond me?

As you can see in the photos, she is imitating the great Marilyn Monroe and doing a good job of it if you ask me (even though Marilyn was way hotter than her). I guarantee that the photos you see below are going to sweep the web like wildfire so keep an eye out for the reaction. In conclusion, as much as I appreciate seeing her push the envelope, does she not realize that this could kill what little career she has left? Her future is uncertain at the moment but rest assured, a lot of people are going to enjoy the photos you see below. So check out a piece of celebrity history in the making below and to see the unrated versions of the photos, click on each one below. A big thanks to our fellow Mike for the scoop!



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