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Lock up your Jager & Red Bull, Lindsay Lohan is FREE!

08.25.2010by: Cherry Liquor

"Remember that one time when the judge said that you'd have to serve 90 days in rehab??"

Well, it's official. You can offer up your "Free Lindsay" shirts to the firecrotch gods. After medical professionals from UCLA started throwing around speculations that Lindsay Lohan was not really addicted to drugs but rather misdiagnosed with ADHD and forced to take prescriptions for the disorder, it appears that they've also decided that she's all better now. While she was ordered to first serve 90 days in prison (she was only there for 14) followed by 90 days in rehab (she completed 22), it appears that something really screwy is going on with the ability to count around those facilities.

The question remains whether or not this is going to impact the actress' career in the future. Many people have thrown out Robert Downey Jr.'s drug-addicted past as an example of a celebrity who has made a massive turn-around since his jail sentence, but I offer up that RDJ wa continuing to act in several different ventures even throughout his rehabilitation process, including garnering a lot of praise for his stint on "Ally McBeal." LiLo hasn't done anything other than a TV-movie about a false pregnancy and a couple of shock-value stints in upcoming films like MACHETE.

Do you think that Lindsay has a chance in hell at having any kind of meaningful acting career in the future?

Source: Radar Online


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