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Lizzy Caplan slightly see-thru at The Night Before premiere

11.20.2015by: No Cool Handle

Throughout the first three seasons of Masters of Sex, Lizzy Caplan has bestowed upon the world an abundance of her naked self engaging in self stimulation, coitus with questionable partners and a very frank vocabulary used to explore the human sexual condition. So much so, I feel indebted to her for the willingness and unflinching approach in preserving her breathtaking anatomy in the form of high-definition images. I have a feeling we're not going to get much of what were all grateful for in The Night Before – the newly released comedy in which she costars, but, this brunette beauty is more than just a pretty face. I have the utmost confidence she will be able to deliver a few lines that will give audiences a good laugh. She can definitely hold her own against a thespian heavyweight like Michael Shannon, and show perfect comedic timing with a seasoned funnyman like Seth Rogen. In the sex appeal department; there's no cast member in this Christmas romp that can match this vixen – not even Donner and Blitzen.

Source: nsfw


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