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Liziane Gutierrez suffocates a bicycle seat in downtown London

10.21.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I went back and forth before deciding to post these images of Brazilian model, Liziane Gutierrez, before deciding that her ass is a special thing and I know a lot of guys who have a thing for checking out chicks riding bikes, so... What I didn't realize when I first saw the pictures of Gutierrez trying to be the new Maitland Ward (sorry, honey, you're failing - Maitland is charming to go along with her bodacious cheesecake photoshoots) on the streets of London is that she was the chick who accused Chris Brown of hitting her in the head back in early January of this year. Not that that information is going to separate her from the long list of women that Brown has smacked around, but in case any of you heard or gave a shit about that. While I admire Liziane's healthy hind quarters, you can see loose skin around her stomach which causes you to wonder how many kids her mom is taking care of for her and a face that only a phone book plastic surgeon from Mexico would think was a work of art. I try my best not to cave to the "butterface" terminology, but Gutierrez earns that slur from me.
Source: Got Celeb


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