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12.26.2012by: Cherry Liquor

Top 10 Toughest Hotties of 2012

Women in the movies really kicked some major ass this year, whether it was physically or wrecking traumatic emotional damage on someone who felt as if they'd been kicked while they were down at the end of it. Women have show coolness, an ability to get shit done by themselves and essentially held their own strongly against the men who were action stars, especially where the box office dollars were concerned. Hail the tough bitches, bitches!

#10 - Dania Ramirez

Most of the time when Dania Ramirez is in a movie, she gets to play fairly lame characters. In 2012's PREMIUM RUSH, as the bike messenger who delivers when emails, faxes, the mail and every other delivery service just won't do, it's a blast to see how buff she got and how she uses those muscles to pay back all of the taxi drivers who don't share the road. I hate the casual bike rider as much as the next person (you're not Lance Armstrong, no matter how much Spandex you're wearing if you're riding you bike on the sidewalk or think that pedaling at 12 miles per hour gives you the right to ride in the middle of the road instead of the clearly marked bike lane) but this movie was about the REAL riders. Dania delivered more than mail. She delivered sexy toughness and irresistible badassedness.

#9 - Kristen Stewart

Do you know that in the end, when it comes down to a battle between the Voltari and the Cullens, it is Bella (as a vampire) who is the most important weapon in the war? Sure, her power is kinda stupid in a way, but she's a new mom and she's fierce in protecting her kid. This is what I took away from reading the book. I positively LOATHE the character of Bella Swan-Cullen in literature and thought the books were terribly written, but I can say that Kristen Stewart (even though I haven't seen BREAKING DAWN: PART TWO) finally gets a chance to not be a pathetic slouch. And in SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN? She fights. She rallies the troops. She doesn't back down. And she doesn't play the character like a sanctimonious shrew, as Ginnifer Goodwin has done in the "Once Upon a Time" show, playing the same character. So far, if you ask me my favorite Snow White, it's KStew all the way. Haters, I'll be handing out maps for directions on how to get to my ass so you can kiss it.

#8 - Jessica Biel

Back in the day, when the original version of TOTAL RECALL came out, I shlepped to the theater to drink in its sci-fi absurdity with a group of my friends and sat there the entire time thinking that it would have been more enjoyable to watch with my dad, a dyed-in-the-wool sci-fi nut. So, the following week I sat through the movie (uncomfortably through the 3 tittied scene) and listened to him whisper why certain things were happening, which book the plot had been based on and how Rachel Ticotin was, "Don't Tell Your Mom," a total babe. She also kicked some ass. I say all this because watching Jessica Biel do right by my dad's high opinion of Melina (the character), was a great thing. I hold true to my stance that Biel is best in action flicks. Beautiful but still kinda like one of the dudes, she does it so well. Better than comedy, at the very least.

#7 - Kate Beckinsale

It was nearly 3 years that Beckinsale was absent from headlining cast lists on movie posters, so might as well do it right and blast back onto the scene in the way that inexplicably only a woman this beautiful, whom you would never expect to be so badass, surprises you to be wrong. Between UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING, Kate's return to the vampire series, to her Sharon Stone take on Lori Quaid in the remake of TOTAL RECALL to CONTRABAND where you have to have a wife as tough as her husband (as played by Mark Wahlberg) to pull the angle of that storyline off, KatieB is no B---- to eff with.

#6 - Charlize Theron

I'm gonna go ahead and use an image of Charlize from when she was Ravenna because holy shit was she a freaking terror of nature in that role. But it wasn't the only time in 2012 that Theron got to get out her cold, heartless, tough bitch side. She reigned in the other summer blockbuster, PROMETHEUS, allowing that other tough Girl with the Dragon Tattoo actress to have the softer, more fan-friendly image. Don't forget that in early 2012, CT was still receiving recognition for her tough-as-nails performance as Mavis in YOUNG ADULT, even if the awards shows were too stupid not to recognize her. Now we get to rub our hands together until 2013 to see what she can do in MAD MAX: FURY ROAD.

#5 - Merida

Pixar has never steered us wrong. Other than their rereleasing titles in 3D for the obvious cash grab or the occasional sequels which are guilty of the exact same crime (*cough*CARS 2*cough*), when the studio puts out an original film, it stands and delivers so hard, you can practically hear Edward James Olmos crying with pride in some high school hallway. I have had guys tell me that they couldn't relate to BRAVE as much as they could to the other Pixar flicks. I have this to say to that: TOUGH SHIT. For it's first movie featuring a female character in the lead role, those magic makers brought to the screen a tough Scottish hottie who fought better than men, excelled at archery better than any young male (might I point out how cool that it was the year of the crossbow/bow & arrow? Katniss, Merida, Daryl Dixon. Hells yeah!) and came to realize the one thing that all of us girls do as we grow up. Our moms are the most valuable asset in our lives. They are what cause us to rebel out of sheer orneriness and discover that our inner badasses come to fruition because our moms saw that in us all along. And we get to see it in them as well.

#4 - Scarlett Johansson

She might have met a tragic cinematic fate when she embodied the fictional role of the real Janet Leigh for HITCHCOCK, but the woman who made me scratch my head and wonder if she could be kick ass in IRON MAN 2 returned in 2012 to prove that she wasn't a one-trick comic book character reincarnation. As Black Widow, I think I might be giving ScarJo a more favorable rating than most would agree to, but it comes from the side of me that was impressed not just with how she fought but how she mentally mind-f*cked Loki when no one else could get it done. Badass, Scarlett. Very, very badass.

#3 - Anne Hathaway

I was expecting her to suck. The last time that the big screen attempted to bring a Catwoman to the screen, it was the ridiculous incarnation played by batshit crazy ho, Halle Berry. It poisoned a lot of people to whether or not the character could be a Michelle Pfeiffer comeback or not. I had my doubts. BIG doubts. I refused to see the movie while it played in theaters (sorry, the shooting caused me to have the decency to stay away for my own personal reasons) and just watched the movie a couple weeks ago when it came out on DVD. And Anne Hathaway not only LOOKED great as Selena Kyle, the Cat Woman, she was funny, tart, sarcastic, tough, and ten tons of memorable. If I were sitting in bed with Sheldon right now, I'd be arguing how Anne should rank within the top 3 favorite CatWomen ever.

#2 - Jennifer Lawrence

I'm going for one of the toughest book chicks in a long time to be brought so convincingly to the screen that I didn't feel like choking a toddler as I exited the movie theater due to incorrect casting. As a huge fan of the book series THE HUNGER GAMES, I have to say that I found minor complaints for the film but as a whole, it was the flawless nature of Jennifer Lawrence turning Katniss Everdeen into a 3 dimensional creature that made me feel warm all the way from my belly to my toes. I don't want to overlook the fact that she was a tough bitch who was 100% unapologetic about her past in SILVER LINING PLAYBOOK, delivering a scene at one point in that movie that rivaled the "it makes the entire movie worth it" scene where Marisa Tomei gets on the stand in MY COUSIN VINNIE. JLaw is a tough babe, from mental to physical skills, all that a man should fear and simultaneously lust after at the same time.

#1 - Gina Carano

I decided I wanted to go watch the movie HAYWIRE for one reason and one reason alone. No, it wasn't because it was directed by Steven Soderbergh, someone I more often than not find to be overrated rather than naturally talented. No, I didn't go check out the movie because the fine Gina Carano was in it. I didn't even go just because I'm an action movie fan. (I don't discriminate, I love all genres.) I went to watch Gina kick the shit out of Dumbo Tatum. That scene was so satisfactory and happened so early on in the movie that it could have featured Carano on the ivory seat, dropping a deuce for the following 90 minutes and I still would have found it a work of art. Watching her kick Fassboner's ass while baring sustaining more than a snag in her stockings was icing. Taking down Ewan McGregor? Gosh, I like him but even that was sensational.



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