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09.18.2013by: Cherry Liquor

Top Ten Hottest Victoria Secret Angels

Ain't no body like a Victoria's Secret body! A company that started in my favorite state, California (home states rock!!!) by a man named Roy Raymond, a Stanford School of Business alum, who was looking to spice up buying women's underwear and make it more palatable for women and for the men who loved buying slinky things for those women. Yes, it's true that he sold VS to the people behind The Limited in in 1982, just 5 years after its inception, and yes... the chain went on to be such a success that it led to Raymond jumping to his death from the Golden Gate bridge in 1993. Moral of the story is that you need prowess, a great selection and women as hot as these in this week's Top Ten to make a good idea perfectly grand.

10 - Angie Everhart

Back in May of this year, Angie Everhart, one of the most famous fiery redheads to ever work in modeling, including as a Victoria's Secret Angel, announced that she had thyroid cancer and went in to have surgery. She's been lying low since that announcement, a rough pill for her fans to take. This is the woman who got into cat fights with Shannen Doherty and in 2007 was engaged to Joe Pesci. She took the time to become a single parent, giving birth to her son in 2009. Love the model, love the woman. She's on this list because she doesn't deserve a footnote in history. She sincerely is one of the most beautiful models that the VS campaign had over the years.

9 - Rebecca Romjin

A classic beauty in every definition of the description, Romjin was modeling for Victoria's Secret around the time that she got together with her first actor husband and former hyphenate, John Stamos. The couple might not have worked out but Romjin and her career definitely did as she moved from modeling into acting, most famously as Mystique in the first set of X-MEN movies. Turning a whopping 41-years old this upcoming November, Becks showed how awesome she shall always be with this response to a question asked of her about the movie FEMME FATALE, "You know, in my early twenties I wondered if I was interested in women and so I kind of, well ... did my homework. And it turns out I'm pretty straight." She did her homework, fellas. Try to get that image out of your head now.

8 - Doutzen Kroes

The name might not be as big as some of the other angels but Doutzen Kroes, a Dutch native who has been modeling all over the place, maintaining contract with so many fashion companies that she put herself in 5th place as a top modeling earner in 2012, raking in nearly $7 million. The other cool thing about Doutzen is that she's a mama. Her son Phyllon was born in 2011, and just like all the other models, she went right back to work immediately after "Vag-ing it out." But unlike the other models, her's son's name - the male version of the name "Phyllis" - drove up the popularity of an otherwise long-buried moniker. Baby books began to report that it was a cool new name for parents to use, citing Kroes as the reason.

7 - Erin Heatherton

Long, lengthy, the perfect body to be a human clothes hanger for fashion companies, there's still a big kick to Heatherton. Those milky green eyes that draw you in, the cute smile that drapes itself across her mouth like a lazy cat. Heatherton has been walking the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show runway since the tender age of 19, nearly 5 years ago and it's only been just recently that she's really put up a great presence. Glad to see it happen.

6 - Bar Refaeli

All the ladies purred over how Bar Refaeli was so lucky to have Leonardo DiCaprio as her man but let's face it - she got the talented actor during her Leo Rolly-Polio years. He had gained so much weight for roles and then struggled to lose it, he made promises to the gorgeous draft dodger and even contemplated converting before deciding that she wasn't worth the hassle. So I'd say that beautiful Bar wasn't all that lucky with Leo. Any volunteers to be her best leading man?

5 - Candice Swanepoel

Oh Candice. I need to look up how to properly pronounce your last name because I'm not sure if when I listen to it in my head as "Swan-E-Po-EL" is correct. Should I even care? The Victoria's Secret assembly line pushes out a wide variety of women and the last one who should have made crazy noise in the most current years is a blonde with blue eyes. However, Candice is impossible to ignore. For what should be a generic white girl lounges a fascinating and compelling beauty.

4 - Miranda Kerr

I wish I had a teacup to squirrel away Miranda Kerr in. She's so fetchingly cute that it's hard to ignore (and I'm not really trying - just in the interest of full disclosure) and she's a powerhouse of an Angel, having going right back to work a mere 2 months after giving birth to a child with actor Orlando Bloom. Miranda constantly looks cute with her dimples and nearly child-like smile when she rocks a runway, a stark contrast to the lacy, filmy, sexy lingerie she has on. The juxtaposition is hawt.

3 - Tyra Banks

No, I have never watched an episode of "America's Next Top Model," aside from clips used to make fun of Banks' expressions out of context. Yes, I'm one of those people who thought "Hmmm, I wonder what happened?" when those infamous bathing suit pictures came out but I never called her fat. That reminds me, Banks had a popular day time talk show, right? I can't judge her on any of that. All I can say is that she's one of the most stunning Angels who ever worked the VS runway and paved the way for black models with the company, being the first black woman to grace the cover of any Victoria's Secret catalog.

2 - Heidi Klum

The classic icon who gathered together her modeling friends and finely wove a web of friendship and camaraderie so that the image of the Victoria's Secret Angels played out as one big 24-hour bra and panties party of beautiful people, Heidi Klum deserves her high ranking and many other accolades. The big sister to so many of the models who arrived after her and continue to place Klum on the pedestal of career fulfillment desire.

1 - Adriana Lima

Adriana is the body and the face that I most clearly remember from any campaign that the company has done over the years. Lima was also one of the most interesting women to be cast in the role as a lingerie model - claiming her virginity remained intact until her marriage in 2009 to NBA athlete Marco Jaric. Doing the 40 week math, however, reveals that their February marriage and the November birth of their first child that marriage couldn't wait that extra month. Lima is one of the highest paid and most recognizable models in all of the world, in or out of her Pink.



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