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01.08.2014by: Cherry Liquor

Top Ten Hottest TV Wives

TV is well known for giving its men far more attractive wives than they deserve. This isn't about the hottest wives stuck with the most undeserving of husbands. This list is more about the hottest women on television right now who happen to also kick ass at the domestic partnership thing. They're smart, they're funny, they're sexy and they're definitely some babes that you would give your right testicles to have the chance to put a ring on.

#10 Elizabeth Jennings (The Americans)

I would tell you more about Keri Russell's character on "The Americans" but I'm afraid that it would give away too much if you haven't yet watched the show, which I highly recommend. Over the years we've watched Russell go through different phases and the same can be said with Jennings over the course of the show's first season. Want to see a woman who keeps dressing up in different wigs and fashions, wielding a gun and overall being a badass woman and wife? Tune in. You won't be disappointed.

#9 Claire Dunphy (Modern Family)

Sure, the character is a type-A, neurotic housewife who really needs to figure out better ways to spend her hours than aggressively henpecking her family into completing tasks that only she thinks need to get done but did you see that scene where she didn't realize that her daughter's boyfriend could see her through the webcam? Julie Bowen has a knack in taking an otherwise grating character and show that she's willing to be kinky (all those failed Valentine's Day dinners with Phil) and has the innate brilliance to turn every Halloween into an awesome experience.

#8 The Red Queen (Once Upon a Time in Wonderland)

In an otherwise lackluster show, Emma Rigby's The Red Queen has been a welcome distraction. Sure, she's a bit bloodthirsty and yeah, she's obsessed with wealth and riches, but have you checked out that cleavage? Rigby might have a face that looks as if she's spent too much time sucking on lemons after getting injections into her lips at the plastic surgeon's office, but that rack is one meant to break out of storytime.

#7 Lily Aldrin (How I Met Your Mother)

When she was on "Buffy," Alyson Hannigan cornered the market on devilishly cute. In the AMERICAN PIE series, she showed that you should never count out the innocent looking band geek from the pool of freaks you want in your bed. As Lily Aldrin, the lusty and open-minded spouse to Marshall on "How I Met Your Mother," Hannigan proves that you don't have to give up having your best friend that you get to bang just because you make her an honest woman.

#6 Temperance Brennan (Bones)

After years of the "Will They/Won't They?" crap, Bones & Booth finally got it on to create their little daughter and after fighting one of the worst story line villains since the Gormogon, the TV couple took their stroll to the altar during the beginning of the show's ninth season. The reason why Brennan makes such an excellent TV wife isn't just because she's gorgeous and it's certainly not because of her borderline autistic moments of obnoxiousness - it's because she never hesitates to talk frankly about her new husband's attractiveness or prowess in the bedroom, which she also calls upon with regularity and grand enthusiasm.

#5 Virginia Johnson (Masters of Sex)

The real Virginia Johnson, infamous feminine half of the ground-breaking Masters & Johnson sex research team, just died last year at the age of 88. At the time that she was tapped to work with William H. Masters, she was a twice divorced mother of two who had no social or professional reputation to protect, which made her the ideal female candidate in the arena of female multiple orgasms. On "Masters of Sex," Lizzy Caplan, who has often been mocked by fanboys being a "butterface," shuts everyone up with her retro glam and of course, scenes like this where we get to marvel at the gorgeousness of her other physical features. No wonder Masters took her on as his wife for 20 years.

#4 Veronica Fisher (Shameless)

Shanola Hampton might not have a huge acting resume under her belt but she's criminally hot under her clothing when she plays ghetto wife to goofball Kev on the Showtime series "Shameless." The show, which revolves around the highly improbable and decidedly surreal lives of the Gallagher family in the projects of Chicago, has a phenomenal cast of supporting characters, including the webcam mistress Veronica, who once helped her reading impaired husband learn new words by Post-It noting them to various parts of her body. Yum.

#3 Lacey Hamilton (Awkward.)

Nikki Deloach has been kicking around Hollywood since the mid-1990's, appearing on Disney's "The Mickey Mouse Club" back during the Justin/Britney/Christina years but it wasn't until she was cast as the teenage mother and super hot wife Lacey Hamilton on MTV's scripted series, "Awkward." in 2011 that she really began to show just how big of an overlooked hottie she is. More proof? This gif of her in a bikini, where the magic of television breast transformation makes you sigh that Jenna's mom has got it seriously going on.

#2 Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz (The Big Bang Theory)

I probably should have used an image of Melissa Rauch in one of her cute little sundress/tight sweater combos that her character Bernadette wears on "The Big Bang Theory," but after the Maxim photospread from last year came out, it turned into the best illustration of just how hot Rauch has always been all these years from behind her glasses. The pint-sized buxom blonde might be a substitute for Howard's overbearing Jewish mother but honestly? How f*cking lucky is that creepy little prick in getting that hot piece of Catholic girl ass?

#1 Gloria Delgado-Pritchett (Modern Family)

If you've powered your way through a first marriage to a woman who used to be everything that you thought you wanted, only to find yourself embittered and divorced (but rich!), what better way to start the second installment in your life than to get yourself a super hot second wife? That's the All-American dream and there's never been a better representation of the ideal than in Sofia Vergara's Gloria on the popular sitcom, "Modern Family." Peggy Bundy must be eye-rolling the wig off her head right about now.



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