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12.27.2012by: Cherry Liquor

Top 10 Hottest Network TV Babes of 2012

Movies are meant to be watched on the big screen. You get a chance to see a beginning, middle and end unfold before you and hopefully feel satisfied when you unstick your butt from the theater seat. TV offers the opportunity for the concept of a movie to be doled out to you regularly, from the comfort of your home, giving you endlessly more each week, and supplying hottie action like a morphine drip. Here are some of the hottest TV babes from 2012.

Awesome Special Mention - Miley Cyrus

This one is as much for my Mike as it is for myself. I'm not going to get all feminazi and support Miley Cyrus simply for the haircut. I'm going to point out that despite every fiber in my body having made the conscientious choice to never watch "Two and a Half Men" (even when Sheen was on it, prior to the controversy and even though I'm a Duckie girl for life and ESPECIALLY since they added Ashton Kutcher), it was MILEY who made me tune in to see what she could do in her 2-episode stint as Missi, that sparkplug who was looking to get her mom plugged. Miley was funny, sexy, quite honestly amazing in my book because those were the only two episodes of that show that I've watched from beginning to end. 2012 meant a new Miley and that network TV show gave her the springboard to prove just how awesome she's becoming.

# You Can't Make Me Pick a Nashville Hottie

I have learned to love Hayden Panettiere, especially in her more recent years. I've always loved Connie Britton, starting with her feisty gingerness on "Spin City," (still incredibly hard for me to process that that show debuted in 1996). Putting the two together on a show about an aging country singer and an ingenue country singer has only added up to a show that I would have never paid any attention to if not for these two specific actresses being cast in it. To pick only one of them to represent as a stand-out 2012 network TV hottie would be unfair. To give them both a spot of their own, together, flows more with the theme of their show. The "old" and the "new" are the best way to shake it up to "original."

# You Can't Make Me Pick a Deschanel!

I would have had a top ten consisting of related people and similar show vixens if I'd gone with the obvious. So I'm adding Emily & Zooey Deschanel as a specially mentioned exception to the list. Emily has always been luminescent and intriguing as the stoic and mildly Aspie-ish character of Dr Temperance Brennen on Fox's long-running gory-doctory-pathology-sitcomy show, "Bones." Making her a mom and watching as her world went through massive changes in 2012 added dimension to a character who was starting to lack it.

Zooey, on the other hand, managed to take what looked (from the promos) to be a ridiculous woman-child show, "New Girl" into a successful hit for the same network, gaining new followers over 2012 and getting more risque on the show than she has in many of her movie roles, including that bra-flashing scene. So, no... you can't make me pick just one Deschanel. I'm recognizing both equally and separately.

#10 - Nina Dobrev

This was the season that Nina Dobrev, that sweet little human person on "The Vampire Diaries," finally did a BREAKING DAWN, KStew turn and went to the undead side. A damsel in distress for the majority of the series, with two vampires fighting for her love, Dobrev had come off as weak and yawn-inducing as Bella Swan. Then in 2012, shit got real. And Dobrev dropped all the cutesy smiles and started becoming more of a vamp on the red carpets and otherwise.

#9 - Emily VanCamp

Most blondes are idiots. Well, most television blondes. They are sitcoms dummies, brainiac light-weights meant to stand around and look pretty while the other women do all the serious lifting. Blondes are so easily dismissed. Which is what makes Emily VanCamp on "Revenge" so refreshing. A woman on a mission to take down the equally hot Madeleine Stowe from a crime she'd gotten away with, VanCamp is better than just vampy. She's crafty, smart, and a blonde to be feared. She made 2012 the year that the blondes took their... well, revenge.

#8 - Stana Katic

I have trouble watching episodes of "Castle" because every time I see Nathan Fillion being that quippy rapscallion that he naturally can't help being, it makes me miss "Firefly" and my Captain Tightpants. The thing that keeps me coming back? As I've gotten caught up on the series recently, I find that I'm watching it pretty much only for Stana Katic. A carefully crafted character meant to be hard-nosed, her detective nature is often betrayed by that sly curl of a smile at the corner of her mouth or her sparkling eyes as she tries to make Fillion be serious while she's working. If she keeps getting as good as she's gotten over the years, 2012 won't be the only year she gets singled out.

#7 - Elisha Cuthbert

It must be a "Happy Endings" feeling for Elisha Cuthbert as she has gone from being one of television's formerly most hated/most annoying characters (this is according to those I know who watched her on "24," as I have not seen the show myself) to being on a sitcom that has slowly but steadily gained in popularity. Elisha has perked up a huge amount in her sexiness from the between points of her career, giving her more allure than she's had in years and definitely making her mark in 2012.

#6 - Cote de Pablo

I didn't start watching much "NCIS" until it went into syndication on TNT, the channel that got me hooked on watching back episodes of "Bones," until I developed a full-on obsession with that show. While I can't say the same about "NCIS," I can say that I find it delicious that they've allowed a more ethnic looking woman to be the stand-out badass. Cote de Pablo is not a highly recognizable name. But I've watched her turn in performances that are honest, direct and not overly-dramatic like many of these types of shows suffer from. For helping to carry the show into its 10th season as a 3rd season addition, I'd feel safe in pointing out that she's been a major influence on its survival.

#5 - Sarah Hyland

I could have put Sofia Vergara in this spot (or higher). I could have even gone with Julie Bowen. The thing is, as "Modern Family" has continued to grow (literally, seeing as how Vergara's character Gloria is spawning another Pritchett family member), so has the comedy allowed its resident teen brat to spread her wings as well. Sarah Hyland looks very young and it works for her in the Ralph Macchio way. Use it as long as you can. But the fact that she's got a good 5 years of real life experience over her character of Haley Dunphy, she brings to the show something that few real teens cast in teen roles can - a brilliant tongue-in-cheek delivery of lines that she's personally grown out of. For this, it makes Hyland the stand-out "Modern Family" female family member.

#4 - Anna Torv

The fifth season might be the last one for "Fringe," that sci-fi show which was always precariously hanging by a cancellation thread. In the meantime, actress Anna Torv padded her resume voice work for the video game Heavenly Sword, which they just so happen to be making into a movie for 2013. It might just be her voice that'll be on the screen, but Torv has a way of making an impact that seems as if she's barely breaking a sweat when she does it. Classy, graceful, smart and sexy. It's always good to know that there are still women like this around. Especially on the wasteland that the majority of network television has turned into.

#3 - Grace Park

I seem to remember people saying that there was no way in hell that the remake of "Hawaii 5-0" was going to last more than a half-season if CBS was feeling generous. Now into its 3rd season, showing no signs of stopping or even slowing down, it's time to evaluate, folks. Take a couple of ruggedly good looking men, put a petite, tough girl like Grace Park in with them and you're drawing not only dudes to the show who wanna ogle Park, you're getting old dudes who remember the original and your moms hitting up Scott Caan's Danno. Seeing as how Grace is the only prominently featured female on the series, I'd say that she deserves the credit she's earned.

#2 - Rashida Jones

When you've got a degree from Harvard University, where's the best place to put that education to use? On TV, duh! Rashida Jones is the voice of reason, the smart one on "Parks and Recreation," constantly fighting to stay herself but also possessing an inexplicable need for acceptance from her office peers. She's one of the few women you can watch on TV and feel no guilt about - Yes, she's gorgeous. Yes, she's intimidatingly smart. Yes, she's fantastically talented and spot-on with her comedic timing. She's not afraid to appear in Playboy in bunny ears. She's just also wise enough to know that she'll never have to do it with her clothes off.

#1 - Kaley Cuoco

The number one comedy on television is gaining momentum, grabbing major ratings in syndication, still sells their DVD season sets at a ridiculous pace and has made "Bazinga!" a household term. With the adding of more female action in the show by giving Blossom a chance to return to television and grace beloved misfit Sheldon with a female counterpart, the great Melissa Rauch marrying "not a doctor" Howard, there's definitely less pressure on Kaley Cuoco to constantly be the female voice of reason. And it's proven effective, as in 2012 we saw Penny return to college, get back together with Leonard and finally profess her love for him. Kaley's always been one of the brightest twinklers on the small screen, but for 2012, she simply OWNED.



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