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12.27.2013by: Cherry Liquor

Top Ten Hottest MILFs of 2013

Everybody loves a sexy mom, right? That's the concept which floats across the movie making industry, as they cast hot actress after hot actress to play maternal figures in everything from dramas to comedies to action flicks to superhero sagas. If she's a badass, that's only more of a plus. So here's my Top Ten favorite movie MILFs from this past year.

10 - Mireille Enos (WORLD WAR Z)

Considering that she's one of the worst mothers ever to grace the small screen in her role as Sarah Linden on "The Killing," (if at some point you suspect that your kid might be dead due to cutting school and running around wild on the streets, don't you think that you'd find it in yourself to STOP WORKING AND SPEND A F*CKING DAY WITH HIM???) it was a surprise to see Mireille Enos be given some positive screen time in the summer blockbuster WORLD WAR Z. Or maybe I'm just saying that so I have an excuse to use this picture of Enos in her undies. (Or as an opportunity to point out that she's a mom in real life, having had a kid with Alan "Cameron Frye" Ruck?)

9 - Alice Braga (ELYSIUM)

I really like Alice Braga as an actress and I probably liked ELYSIUM far more than the paltry audience that attended the movie while it was in theaters. (In reality the movie made over $93 mil but it seemed as if it was one of the lowest attended of the summer films.) Maybe it's the caring nurturer roles that she gets cast in that causes me to be so fond of her. Then again, maybe it's because she's a mega-hot babe.

8 - Jennifer Aniston (WE'RE THE MILLERS)

Jennifer Aniston makes it so damn easy to hate on her by really doing nothing worthy of inspiring hate. In fact, after seeing her in the faux mom role in WE'RE THE MILLERS, stripping down to her next-to-barest essentials, I'm really rather surprised that there's any hate left for that fine-ass 40-something year old body. If NOT having kids is what helps maintain one's figure, then screw Brangelina and their skele-fying of Angelina Jolie.

7 - Jordana Brewster (FAST & FURIOUS 6)

After Brian defiled Dom's little sister Mia, the two broke up, got back together, got knocked up and I think may or may not have gotten married in the process. The one thing that was certain was Mia becoming MILF material when she gave birth to the cinematic couple's son, Jack. Let us all pray that they don't cast some teen heartthrob in his role for F&F 35.


Rose Byrne continued her motherly turn with the sequel to the movie which most disappointed me from 2010 (sorry, I really wanted to be scared but I found it completely lackluster). Suffice it to say, I haven't yet watched INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER TWO but knowing that Rose hasn't changed her babe level in forever and a day, I think it's still safe for me to rank her on this list.

5 - Lena Headey (THE PURGE)

Lena Headey is beginning to make a name for herself as mainly being the actress you most want to cast if the role calls for a super hot mom. I can't think of a role that she's been in (OK, maybe I can, seeing as how she was deliciously vile in DREDD as Ma-Ma, the non-motherly version of that nickname) where it hasn't been called upon her to be a sexy breeder type. I'm not complaining...

4 - Nicole Beharie (42)

42, the movie about the rising status of baseball legend Jackie Robinson did more than cause me to cringe over the otherwise sweet tempered Alan Tudyk spewing racial slurs - it brought even more attention to the rising star of actress Nicole Beharie, cast as the wife and mother to Robinson's children. Beharie has enjoyed more success this year with her role on "Sleepy Hallow," but there's something so refined and gorgeous about her in retro clothing, fighting the injustices of the past.

3 - Diane Lane (MAN OF STEEL)

We never thought that Ma Kent could be so delicious to look at. While Diane Lane is approaching her 49th birthday this upcoming January 22nd (an Aquarius babe after my own heart), she was still cast as the famous Smallvillian matriarch. That's movie magic for you - even the superheros get super hot moms!

2 - Olga Kurylenko (OBLIVION)

While the movie wasn't all that huge at the box office by Tom Cruise standards, the MILFifying that went on with Ukrainian actress Olga Kurylenko is enough to make the flick that much more watchable, even if it might have been better when it was called MOON. There's a lot that the raven tressed beauty can do for a movie.

1 - Rene Russo (THOR: THE DARK WORLD)

Thor & Loki's mom is a hardcore warrior woman, making it all that much more confusing as to why her flaxen-haired god son would choose such a wussy human woman when he could have Sif to bang his hammer around with. Frigga got a warrior's send-off in THOR: THE DARK WORLD, one befitting of her status, her courage and her total MILF domination.



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