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12.26.2012by: Cherry Liquor

Top 10 Hottest Movie MILFS of 2012

Everyone loves their mommies, right? Can you imagine if some of the moms from the films of 2012 happened to be, well, not yours because that would be sorta gross, but your best friend's mom. Because all of these ladies have got it going on. Many are MILFs in real life as well, but pondering the impact that moms had on the cinema this year, here's what I've got for ya.

#10B - Susan Sarandon (THAT'S MY BOY)

She'll always be the best around when it comes to being a classy, talented older woman who now seems to be mainly cast as someone's mom. The only thing that can't buy Susan Sarandon higher credit on this list of 2012's Hot MILFs is the fact that she did it as the older version of real life daughter Eva Amurri's character in the bombastic THAT'S MY BOY. Just because it made sense to play the older version of her daughter doesn't mean that it was right for either of them to take roles in the film.

#10A - Eva Amurri (THAT'S MY BOY)

In a way, the premise of THAT'S MY BOY should have been more interesting than it was. We've watched enough of the reality of these youngish women getting some sumtin-sumtin from teen boys who might not last long but reload fast and adore the fuck out of you simply because you're allowing them access to the vag. Not that I have any experience in that field. However, this movie sucked because they went all Sandler on it and topped it off with Samberg. Luckily, they topped off the Sarandon with the Amurri, so it had the right eye candy to sorta distract you... until that Vanilla Ice bit.

#9 - Elisabeth Shue (HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET)

I am so incredibly thankful that when they decided to make HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET, they knew they were squatting out a huge turd and did the courtesy flush of casting Jennifer Lawrence as the hot daughter and Elisabeth Shue as her hot mother. Shue has always been one of the tough girls when it comes to the roles she takes onscreen (as well as in real life, the soccer movie GRACIE was based on her own personal story) and if you gotta paint shit gold, there's no finer gold than JLaw and EShue.

#8 - Jennifer Garner (THE ODD LIFE OF TIMOTHY GREEN)

I think the only actress right now that I really respect as a mom in her real life is Jennifer Garner. There's never a time when she isn't seen loving on her kids (equally so with her fine DILF hubby, Ben Affleck) and she's been taking some interesting risks as an actress, including her tear-jerking performance in the heart-strings-puller THE ODD LIFE OF TIMOTHY GREEN. Does it help that Joel Edgerton was the DILF in the flick? An Aussie hottie who's both sexy and brawny? DUHHHHHHH.


I was thinking that I wanted to do a Top Ten of the hottest singers from movies in 2012, mainly because I wanted to put Anna Kendrick on the list for her role in PITCH PERFECT (ok, so it's cheesy and predictable but it's a far cry from the steaming pile that "Glee" is). So I found another way to honor one of the classiest young actresses out there in Hollywood right now, the kind of actress who can do work beyond her age demo and still rock the young side of herself as well. In WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU'RE EXPECTING, she's a surprise MILF who thought it would take longer for her to become one. And she gets to have that super cute little petite chick fake belly too.

#6 - Alyson Hannigan (AMERICAN REUNION)

Moms need action too, and when you've grown too old to keep playing clarinet, it's time to get funky in the bathtub. Luckily, there's not the type of wounding that can occur from a shower head blasting water to your lady parts than there is with a dude needing to quickly close his laptop so he doesn't have to explain to his kid what he's doing or how the kid will be doing it himself in the future. Around the time that Alyson Hannigan was walking the red carpet and doing interviews in promotion of AMERICAN REUNION, she was knocked up in real life as well, looking amazing and proving that not being the lead in a 1990's television show doesn't mean you can't have an even more successful career later in life, with the bonus of looking like you haven't aged.

#5 - Famke Janssen (TAKEN 2)

Um, I haven't seen TAKEN 2 yet. I emphasize the yet because I will eventually get around to watching the movie, seeing as how the first had just the correct amount of Liam Neeson doling out ass kickings in it. And seeing as how they didn't pick a different actress from the first movie to the sequel, I can still safely say that Famke is one of the hottest movie MILFs of 2012.

#4 - Jennifer Westfeldt (FRIENDS WITH KIDS)

I loved the movie KISSING JESSICA STEIN, the product of Jennifer Westfeldt's clever writing and even sharper acting. I like that she's been with actor Jon Hamm for almost 13 years but the two have never married. But most of all, I fell totally in love with FRIENDS WITH KIDS, the first movie that Jennifer not only wrote and acted in but directed as well. Under her careful hand, you ended up with a cast full of characters where no one was stepping on each other's feet and Megan Fox finally came off quite irresistibly. Not to mention that Westfeldt hooks up with Adam Scott and the two of them make a friend baby while remaining friends. It's idealistic, but any movie that ends with the line "Fuck the shit out of me" (and not be hardcore porn) is awesome in my book.

#3 - Kate Beckinsale (CONTRABAND)

Kate Beckinsale laid pretty quiet for 3 years before tearing up 2012, including her role as the tender but tough Kate Farraday in CONTRABAND, backing up her tough guy husband, played by Mark Wahlberg. I think if I had to pick between Beckinsale in this and Vera Farmiga in RUNNING SCARED, I'd definitely go with Vera, but Kate is ruling 2012, making her one of the top MILFs at the box office for the year.

#2 - Michelle Pfeiffer (DARK SHADOWS)

Another one of those older actresses who you can easily put images of herself from 20 years ago side-by-side with current images and not see all that big of a difference. Maybe some are just blessed. Maybe they have some witchy powers, but Michelle Pfeiffer is always going to have an automatic top spot in any list I do. As Elizabeth Collins Stoddard in DARK SHADOWS, the mother to only child Carolyn Stoddard (Chloe Grace Moretz, who you just can tell is going to be a great aging actress in another 40 years), Pfeiffer knocked it out of the park as per usual. MILFlicious!

#1 - Leslie Mann (THIS IS 40)

I understand and support why Judd Apatow snapped up Leslie Mann as quickly as he could get his hands on her. Not only is she a fantastic looking woman, she's consistently one of the wittiest, funniest, sexiest "older" women to grace the movie screen. Hell, she made the mom in PARANORMAN look just as hot simply by how she voiced, "Not believing in an afterlife is like not believing in astrology." Sandra Babcock might have been a skewed cartoon mom, but damn... with dem hips! And any woman who can sit next to Megan Fox when they've tarted her up and still look 10,000 times better is pure magic.



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