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03.21.2014by: Alex Maidy

Top 10 Most Sexually Disturbing Movies (NSFW Video Edition)

So, there is a little movie hitting theaters today called NYMPHOMANIAC that is supposedly one of the most sexually graphic films ever made. While you may say that makes it pornographic, nudity and sexual acts don't always equate to sexy. With that in mind, NYMPHOMANIAC is far from being the first graphic film to feature sex, but it could be one of the more unsettling. Here are our picks for the ten most sexually disturbing movies of all time. WARNING: The following list features video clips of scenes from the films are are definitely not safe for work. So, if you are at home or just don't give a f*ck, proceed with caution. If your pick didn't make the cut, add it to the talk backs below.

Honorable Mention - HOWARD THE DUCK

Lea Thompson f*cks a duck. Need I say more?


Jennifer Connelly's descent into addiction takes her character to sexual places that none of the other characters have to reach. Darren Aronofsky's brutally depressing film takes us into the lowest depths of what being a junkie can do to a person and just how demeaning it can be. The infamous "ass to ass" moment seen above pretty much sums it up.


Madonna and Willem Dafoe f*cking is enough on it's own to make this list, but the kinky shit they get up to is pretty raunchy. The early 1990s were full of films like this and BASIC INSTINCT that tried to make mainstream some of the more colorful sexual activities that are now tame thanks to things like FIFTY SHADES OF GREY.


DELIVERANCE still holds up today as a horror film for most men every time their hear the opening plucks of "Dueling Banjos". Needless to say, there should always be caution when you are around that many deranged hillbillies, but what happens to poor Ned Beatty in that movie is enough to scare anyone.

#7 - CRASH

David Cronenberg has made a career out of making horrible things happen to human bodies, but CRASH may be his most perfect melding of man and machine. Centered around James Spader and a group of people who are sexually aroused by car crashes, this movie was controversial upon it's release for scenes that are still shocking today. The mere concept of violence and sex is abhorrent to many people, but Cronenberg somehow finds a way to make it sexy.


A bizarre body horror film from director Brian Yuzna, SOCIETY is an underseen movie that will definitely mess with your notions of acrobatic sex. Featuring a sex scene that flips on you at the last minute, SOCIETY ends with one of the most visually upsetting orgies ever put on screen.

#5 - TEETH

The poster makes TEETH look like another comedy in the vein of AMERICAN PIE, but it is definitely not. That is unless the pie that Jason Biggs had sex with had a set of teeth and bit his junk off, then the two would be alike. Confused? Google the term Vagina Dentata and it will make sense. Horrible, horrible sense.


Lars Von Trier's recent film works have all had disturbing sexual undercurrents to them, but ANTICHRIST takes the cake. Or, more specifically, it takes the chunk of wood and smashes your balls and then cuts of it's own clitoris with a pair of rusty shears. Yeah, that actually happens. In slow motion. And extreme close up. Chaos reigns in this movie.

#3 - SALO

Based upon the novel by the Marquis de Sade, SALO remains one of the few films still banned in multiple countries around the world. Featuring graphic depictions of sex and torture, SALO was released at a time of controversy involving Communism and human rights in Italy. Directoer Pier Paolo Pasolini was murdered before the release of SALO which to this day is hard to rival in terms of the sheer audacity of what is on screen.


Gaspar Noe's non-linear thriller starring Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel may be one of the most difficult movies to watch on this list for multiple reasons. While the rape sequence is painful to endure because Noe refuses to cut away from the awful act for it's duration, once the story comes into focus you realize just how truly destructive the events of the film are for all the characters involved. A brilliantly made movie, but almost impossible to watch.


Child rape. Necrophilia. Incest. Murder. Nothing about A SERBIAN FILM is redeeming. Pure vitriol and shock comprise this pinnacle of torture porn filmmaking. If it serves any purpose it is to see just how much of the movie you can get through before you have to shut it off and ban whoever showed it to you from your home.



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